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The Centre is structured to achieve maximum impact in her activities. The Centre has different departments under which different activities are carried out. The departments include:

  • Legal Dept: This Department is dedicated to legislative processes, which include legal research, legal advice, lawsuits, legal drafting, negotiations, conflict settlement and resolution, training and others. The department is headed by a Legal Practitioner.


  • Capacity Building and Business Development Dept: This department has over the years been in charge of our training, capacity building and business development activities. Through the department we have been able to train men, women and youths on different vocational skills and provided them with the capital to invest in a worthy future for themselves.
  • Education Support Department: This department was established to provide educational support for schools, students and non-schooling children. Through this department we have been able to supply science equipment, books and teaching materials to over several schools across the Niger Delta.


  • Community Development Dept: This department has developed a number of programme that has enabled the Centre touch the life of the people of the Niger Delta communities. The target group of this department varies from men, women, youths and children especially the underprivileged. Through this department we have managed and implemented several community development activities and programmes aimed at improving the social economic status of the people and their communities.
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