Akpezi is the Executive Chair of Anpez Centre for Environment and Development. She established the Centre in 1992 to promote the safety and sustainable development of the human and natural environment through research, awareness creation, capacity building and development activities in partnership with the local community, government, civil society, multilateral organisations and the private sector. Her focus as always has been on people, their rights and responsibilities in moving societies towards sustainable development.

Her commitment and professionalism have taken her to work in various sectors and organizations, local and international. She pioneered Environmental Law and Oil and Gas Law as a course of study at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology where she served as Senior Lecturer,  Ag. Dean of Law and Reader. Before then, she had  lectured at University of Lagos and the Nigerian Police Training College, Kaduna. In the last fourteen years she worked in various leadership capacity with the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) in Nairobi.

Prof. Ogbuigwe has served and on several scientific committees including the 4th World Environmental Education Congress; United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable Development International Reference Committee.  UNESCO, Paris; International Scientific Committee:  3rd World Environmental Education Congress, Torino, Italy; and others.

Prof. Ogbuigwe has contributed to knowledge in the field of environment law and education for sustainable development through several published articles in international journals. And publications which include two books (Africa – Birth Pangs of a New Dawn and Offended - A Collection of Legal Essays on the Niger Delta).