• Welcome to ANPEZ CENTER for Environment and Development

    Welcome to ANPEZ CENTER for Environment and Development

    We invest in the future while making the difference now!
  • Youth Development and Empowerment Programme

    Youth Development and Empowerment Programme

    We invest in the development of the youth
  • Shell LIVEWIRE Training

    Shell LIVEWIRE Training

    In 2017, Anpez was commissioned as the consultant to manage the 2017 Livewire training programme.
  • Approved JAMB CBT Center

    Approved JAMB CBT Center

    We operate ultra-modern Center for JAMB CBT Exams
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  • What exactly are the things Anpez Center does differently?

    It is not that we do completely different things than others do; it is that we tend to think about things differently than others – and to a greater degree. We pay extraordinary attention to the details surrounding general business processes. We strategically place emphasis that is both greater than and different from what is typical in corporate best practices.

    Our business focused on these core areas that operate as a system to deliver sustained business results:

    Leaders establish, operationalize, and sustain the values and vision by which their organizations thrive.

    Employee Engagement
    It is possible to create a workforce that consistently demonstrates desired behaviors.

    Exceptional service is achievable for every organization because exceptional service is “architected” from systems and processes that you control.

    • Hardworking attitude: The work is done according to plans and on schedule.
    • Reliable and convenient working methods: We work in cooperation with the customers.
    • Our Solutions: Leveraging our knowledge of your business, we’re able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the latest technology.
    • Our results: Over time, with the right mix of products and people, you begin to build a reputation for delivering the goods. You become known by your client base.
  • To promote the safety and sustainable development of the human and natural environment through research, awareness creation, capacity building and development activities in partnership with the local community, government, civil society, multilateral organizations and the private sector.


The funds available to Anpez for administration and the implementation of her programmes are derived from two distinct sources:

Internally generated fund;

Anpez offers some professional and technical services to select client, these clients pay for services rendered to them. Other sources of income generation include Information and Library Services, training and capacity building, publishing (Books, Newsletters etc) and investments.

Donor funds;

Anpez works with diverse donor agencies that have similar programme objective with Anpez. The Donors often provide funds to Anpez to carry out programmes often in line with agreed processes and procedures.

Projects Update



    Anpez Centre for Environment and Development was commissioned by SPDC to work with various communities in Kula kingdom in the



    The Abavo Multipurpose Co-operative Union Oil Mill was declared open for full operation in December 2009..

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